Order of the Amber Die is an association of Pathfinder players dedicated to the authentic completion of published adventures. For our association, authenticity means playing published adventures as closely as possible to the author's original intent, with deviation only occurring for player decisions and actions. We never alter the outcome of rolls, and little benefit of the doubt is ever thrown to our players. The GM uses less creative license in altering the published adventures we play, and instead focuses more effort on bringing the adventures to life as written, strongly adhering to the Pathfinder rules system. We have also enjoyed going as far back as first edition and converting old adventures to modern rules in order to play and compare them to current Pathfinder publications. Consisting of the same GM and an active pool of between ten and fifteen players, we have been an association since 1987.
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Order of the Amber Die holds the World Record for:
  • Highest Amount of Tabletop RPG Published Material Played Through In A Single Period (An Entire Pathfinder AP) : 6 months
  • Most Hours of Documented Tabletop RPG Play In One Year For A Single Player: 500+
  • Most Hours of Documented Tabletop RPG GMing In One Year: 500+
  • Most Hours of Documented Tabletop RPG Play By A Four Player Group: 292 Hours in 6 months
Since 1987 we have finished 136 Published Adventures over five editions of the World's Greatest Fantasy Roleplaying Game.